G SHARP – Real name Chukwuebuka Goodness Michael a Reggae, Pop and Dancehall artiste from  Umuozu – Ama Obollo, Isi-ala Mbano in Imo state. He is the second child of 3 three to Mr and Mrs Romanus Michael. G Sharp loved singing and playing instruments since the age of 11 when he used bamboo sticks to make danceable sounds for his peers and songs from his aunt’s hymn. G Sharp schooled in St. Theresa secondary school Obollo, Isi-ala Mbano in Imo state, where he was notorious for skipping classes to play musical in churches and ministries. His musical career started in Lagos in 2012 when he dropped his first single“Love You Die”and has been singing for musical bands this propelled him to work harder to improve his career and develop his talents to this level and he always promises to give more to his fans and the industry at large.

FAMOUZ – Real name Nonso Christopher Ukachukwu a Afro pop, Pop, Dance Hall and Reggae artiste. He hails from Umutanze in Orlu Local Government Imo State and was born and brought up in Gboko in Benue state, Nigeria. He is the first child of six children to the family of Emmanuel Otikpo Ukachukwu. Famouz wasn’t born with a silver spoon as he had to help his family by hawking at the age of 5 to pay for bills around the house. Despite the struggle he found his solace in music, which drove him into drumming in a church ministry in Benue state at the age of 9 regardless of his parent’s disapproval. Famouz joined a more sophisticated choir in school at age 15 where he formed a crew called “X-Mail Boiz”which consisted of 3 artistes and they started visiting studios to learn how the process works even if they couldn’t afford the sessions. X-Mail Boiz disbanded in 2015 when they all graduated from secondary school. Famouz started his musical career in 2016 when he dropped his first single “Sarewa”and that pushed him to go for performances and build his talents and network in the industry. Famouz is a progressive artiste who is self-motivated and focused.

MAIC FIDEL AKA HRB (Humble Rugged Boy) – Real names Michael Onyedikachi Emmanuel is a multi- talented producer, singer and rapper from Umuozu – Ama Obollo, Isi-ala Mbano in Imo state. He is the last child of 3 three to Mr and Mrs Romanus Michael. Maic Fidel grew up in Aba where he attended Confidence Academy. Maic Fidel found his flair for production when he was 8 and made his very own make shift guitar out wood and motorcycle brakes as strings, and now plays drums, keyboards and bass guitars. Maic Fidel started his career officially in 2011 when he met a producer F.Don who guided him in producing quality sounds, since then he has built his career to its present height and is always striving to improve and produce better sounds for his much beloved fans. Maic Fidel takes every opportunity to appreciate Mr. Right Bright for giving him the opportunity to showcase his talents through GMG Records.